Up-to 5-Camera Oblique Imagery

Commonly utilized in municipal environments and to inspect power lines from multiple angles, our oblique imagery service provides an elegant and accurate low-cost solution for any site surveillance needs. By incorporating sophisticated and maneuverable UAV systems with high-resolution aerial RGB orthophoto and LiDAR imaging, we can provide clients with up to five camera views simultaneously. Our systems are specially programmed to stream 1:1 accurate real-time feeds on the aircraft from all airborne cameras, regardless of positioning. This multi-angle approach enables for unprecedentedly detailed yet quick inspections of any site a client wishes to focus on.


Service Benefits:

  • Disregard traffic and/or access barriers and directly address specific areas
  • Clear and precise high-resolution data streaming
  • Perfect for carrying out inspections from multiple sides and angles
  • Highly cost-effective and risk-free compared to traditional methods of site surveillance