Maximizing Crop Yields

The attentive and consistent assessment of crop health is a crucial aspect of developing and maintaining a successful agricultural environment. This is why RME clients appreciate our crop health monitoring services, which quickly examine vegetation without overlooking a single critical detail. More accurate than traditional methods of conducting aerial and land surveys, our various forms of customizable 3D high-resolution imaging focus on crop conditions to assess behaviour and health. We can track drainage patterns and identify drought and flood potentialities, pest infestations, and fertilizer effectiveness — all remotely and without inefficient manual inspections through crop fields. This can help to improve yields, mitigate risks, and ensure a healthy, bountiful harvest.


Service Benefits:

  • Cut costs through more efficient and affordable surveillance services than through traditional means
  • Bypass vegetation with LiDAR laser mapping to identify drainage patterns and ground-based risks to crop health
  • Quickly and accurately reveal pest infestations and environmental damage
  • More detailed and accurate real-time crop height data consultation

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