High Resolution LiDAR for Detailed Analysis

The forestry sector requires detailed and condition-focused surveys on a consistent basis to identify risks, threats, and assess and monitor site conditions. Our LiDAR, RGB Orthophoto, and NDVI high-resolution mapping services can create a complete and detailed visualization of site data such as vegetation, contouring, shoreline conditions, and tree density, which can be fine-tuned to reveal bare earth conditions and hidden obstacles. Detailed analysis of species, heights, and health conditions enables for a deep understanding of a site’s layout and suitability.


Sector Service Benefits:

  • Enhanced health and inventory condition analysis
  • Accurate sub-canopy mapping and ground-level detailing
  • Monitoring of areas to benefit silviculture in the form of free-to-grow condition and stocking prerequisites
  • Post-fire assessments (hot spot detection) and advanced action planning
  • Shoreline and water flow data collection.

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